Four Holiday Fitness Tips

How to Stay Fit (and Sane) Through the Holidays


It’s easy to get out of shape during the holidays.  Days are packed, stress levels are high, and of course there’s holiday treats everywhere we turn.

Don’t let the holidays be an excuse to get out of shape. Here’s a few holiday fitness tips to keep you fit for the next few weeks.



1. Carry water with you at all times.  (See number 3)
Drinking water throughout the day will help you feel full, improve with digestion, and will keep you away from sugary drinks simply because you’re thirsty and you don’t have an alternative.


2.  Don’t skip meals.
Conventional wisdom says if I’m going to eat a big meal for dinner, then I should skip lunch to compensate. That’s actually a bad idea. Still eat lunch and focus on not over indulging during dinner.


3.  Get your sweat in.
Carve out 15-20 minutes to get a workout in. It doesn’t have to be anything too high intense. The goal is to break a sweat, get some blood flowing, and feel good afterwards.


4.  Set realistic goals and ENJOY this holiday season.
Let’s be honest, you’re going to have a few treats and drinks during the holidays. That’s OK. Just be mindful of the consumption and don’t let it get out of hand.


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