Friday 4/17/2020

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WOD 04/17/2020

Zoom WOD (Live at Noon only)


Quality days are all about, you guessed it, QUALITY. We’re set to 20 minutes, but the 20-minute clock should not have you rushing. Imagine that each of these sets and movements are going to be judged for the ‘perfectness’ of their execution.

We have a nice variety today — a mix of strength, core stability, and anaerobic sprints. Approach each station with new focus. For Sumo Deadlifts, use something heavy enough to matter — move with control and increase the number of reps if you can’t increase the load. L-Sits should be tight and unwavering. If your position falters, break for a momentary rest before jumping back in.

The Pull-ups (or Lying Pull-Downs) will be done smooth and controlled, with a pause at the top and bottom of the movement. Burpees should be done in less than about 20 seconds. Stay focused, stay controlled — and HAVE FUN!

WEIGHT: Use anything that you can comfortably hold in the sumo position. Couch corner, Backpack, Duffle-bag, or Luggage will work fine.


1:00 Standing Straddle
6 minutes of smooth movements:
12 Bentover T-Spine Rotation
30 sec Archbody Hold
6 Y-T-W


20 minutes, Accumulate sets for Quality:
5 Sumo Deadlifts
15 sec Hollow Hold
15 Lying Pull-downs
8 Burpees (as fast as possible)

Accumulate these in any order, rest as needed between sets to keep the quality high.


Making a “dent” in your muscle tightness requires thought and calmness. If you are stressed out the entire time you stretch, your muscles will actually resist, and you will make no progress. Relax and don’t force the position too much. Take deep breaths to assist your muscles in releasing.

2:00-4:00 each:
•Pigeon ea/s
•Couch Stretch ea/s
•Scorpion Stretch ea/s
•Classic Triceps & Lat Stretch

Demo Videos

Standing Straddle:
Bent over T-Spine Rotation:
Archbody Hold:
Sumo Deadlifts:
Bent Hollow Hold:
Lying Pull-downs:
Hollow Hold:
Strict Pull-ups:
Couch Stretch:
Scorpion Stretch:
Classic Triceps & Lat Stretch:


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