Friday 4/24/2020

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WOD 04/24/2020

Zoom WOD (Live at Noon only)


Today we have a 17 min AMRAP with some fun and interesting movements.

We start with the manmaker, which is basically like a harder, slower burpee that moves you through a greater range of motion — that means it should now be your favorite movement! Go slow and steady to get the hang of it, but begin to pick up the pace after a few rounds, if possible. Keep the run quick and consistent. Don’t sprint, but definitely don’t jog it either. If you don’t have a distance marker, run about 15-20 seconds for your “50m,” then turn around and come back to the starting position.

For the manmakers, use anything that you can hold onto while in a plank position. If you don’t have anything suitable, just do it bodyweight. Be conservative with your backpack weight today, as this movement will be very difficult if the weight is even slightly too heavy.

For the Bear Crawl drag, you’ll need to drag a backpack or weight across the ground as you move. A good strategy is to pull the bag as far in front of you as possible, crawl over it until it’s at your feet, then pull the bag with the other hand — crawl, and repeat. This will be taxing, potentially awkward, and tough — but that’s why we’re doing it. Stay focused and balanced, and don’t rush!

WARMUP8 minutes

30 sec Bent Over T-Spine Rotations
15m/30 sec Bear Crawl
20 sec Plank
15 sec Shuffle (R)
15 sec Shuffle (L)


4 Manmakers
100m Run (15-20 secs out, then 15-20 secs back)
4 Manmakers
30m Bear Crawl Drag (use backpack or weight)

ACCESSORYHand-Eye coordination

Choose 3-5 movements (10-15 mins) from the list below to do as your accessory work. This should be fun, not stressful. If you’re getting frustrated with a particular drill, move on! You should have someone else in your household to do this with you. More people= More fun!

1) Juggling
2) Small Ball Tossing
3) Jump Rope Drills
4) Dribbling
5) Wall Ball Bounce

ALL movements (and more) are demoed here!

Demo Videos

Bent Over T-Spine Rotations:
Bear Crawl:


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