Friday 9/27/2019


Eating Clean Prepared meal orders are due Friday, September 27th by midnight! Please order through Mason’s website by clicking here. Meals will be dropped off on Tuesday by noon in the new AC space. Please plan to pick meals up by 7pm and let Carly or a coach know if you are unable to do so.

Next Week’s Menu:

  1. Asian Steak and Sesame Noodle Bowl- brown rice noodles, lacto-fermented carrots, shredded cabbage, cucumbers, fresh herbs, lime, toasted almond and sesame dressing
  2. Grilled Pork Souvlaki- tzatziki sauce, Greek vegetable melange, roasted white yam with rosemary, kalamata olives and lemon
  3. Blackened Salmon- grilled pineapple salsa, mixed vegetables, Bahamian peas and rice
  4. Tarragon Chicken with Chardonnay Cream Sauce- wild mushrooms, steamed asparagus and carrot puree
  5. Maple-Bourbon Glazed Hanger Steak- beef reduction sauce, haricots vert, sweet and sour roasted peppers and butternut squash timbale
Each order comes in 5 meal increments of the meals listed on the website in medium and large sizes. If you would like to substitute any meal or make Mason aware of food allergies or preferences please make a note when checking out. For example, if you don’t like fish, you can request two chicken entrees instead. Side note: you should totally try all of the meals as they never disappoint!! Orders will be delivered to the gym no later than noon on Tuesday. If you order as a family, meaning more than one order of meals, you will receive a discount!
Order your meals by midnight to enjoy the Asian Steak and Sesame Noodle Bowl (pictured below)


Friday WOD

A.) “Riverboat”

5 Sets, for Total Time:

  1. 5 Deadlifts, increase weight each round
  2. 8 Toes to Bar
  3. 200m Run
  4. Rest 2:00

Workout Goal: <17:00

Levels Consideration: Deadlift, N&C Endurance

Strategy and Briefing: The Deadlift in this Breathe & Brace workout will determine success.  Start at a weight that consistently allows unbroken sets on, and go from there.  The TtB should be unbroken throughout,  and the Run is at a good clip. You have a 2:00 rest (a long time) after each round,  so don’t hold back on the Run.  When building DL weight, remember sets should be unbroken.  Do NOT go to singles. Breaking the 4th-5th set is fine, as long as you attempt unbroken sets.


B.) Arm Finisher

4 Rounds for Quality:

  1. 12 Barbell Curls
  2. AMRAP Diamond Box Pushups

Levels Consideration: UB Push

Strategy and Briefing: Keep movements consistent & steady on each rep of these exercises.  Refrain from resting at the top or bottom — just keep it moving. This creates a burn & a pump, which causes hypertrophy (muscular size & ‘plumbing’ support).  Only continue in the AMRAP set as long as you can keep your form tight — no bad reps.  After your final set … get a quick picture of your insta-gains.



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