Fueling for Workouts

Getting proper nutrition around your workout is KEY.  Especially for those of you that train in the morning, we have to get in some calories before we hit the gym.

The big thing to remember with food as you approach your workout time is to slightly increase carbohydrate intake (especially higher glycemic carbs), and decrease (or eliminate) fat intake.  Our body prefers to burn carbs for fuel, so having some carbs freely available for your training session will make a huge difference.  Fat slows down absorption of the other 2 macro nutrients and since we have such a small window to replenish used energy stores, we want to keep fat intake to a minimum.


  • Working out at high intensity on an empty stomach is a sure fire way for your body to cannibalize muscle.
  • Within 30 minutes of finishing your workout you need to take in some protein and carbohydrate; Ideally something close to liquid.  For instance a protein shake and a fruit squeezie pouch.  Try to avoid fat.
  • Replacing glycogen stores is much more easily done immediately following a workout.  Don’t forget to bring your post workout nutrition to the gym WITH YOU!

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