Glacier Fear

A 50’+ jump off a cliff into that glacial lake taught me a few things.
Jumping from a high height, driving 160MPH, or surfing a 20′ wave are definitely all scary. Our brains easily recognize those things as frightening and our physiology begins to change leading up to ‘take off’.  Our pupils dilate, blood rushes to our muscles, and adrenaline courses through our veins.
But what’s truly terrifying are the fears we don’t easily recognize. Our inability to tell someone how we really feel about a situation, the ‘what-if’ around quitting your job and doing something you really love, the incessant voice in your head telling you you’ll never be able to get healthy.
The fears that aren’t so pronounced cripple our lives and we don’t even notice it’s happening. They’re easy to sweep under the rug and deal with tomorrow. But like a pebble in your shoe eventually they’ll become unbearable and you’ll be forced to face them.

Why wait?  Why not approach them like my big jump? 
1. Commit mentally and don’t look back.
2. Visualize what you want to happen in your mind’s eye.
3. Find some faith and JUMP.
If health is your scary pebble let us help give you a gentle push.  Book an intro and you don’t have to face your fears alone!

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