Good to Great

“If it’s humanly possible, YOU can do it”.

-Marcus Aurelius 

I wasn’t born into wealth.  I came from a broken family.  I grew up in a city depressed by drugs and crime.  For a long time I bought into the idea that where I came from determines where I’ll end up.  I did drugs because that’s what people from Brockton do. But then I saw a few friends who actually made it out.  I saw that it was possible to escape.  I realized we’re in control of our destiny, and given some time and disciplined effort I could go from a total train-wreck to leading a pretty good life.  

But good isn’t my M.O.  And I’m not satisfied with where I am now. I feel like I did when I was 21 years old all over again.  After spending a weekend with some people I’ve looked up to for years, it’s becoming clear to me that it’s possible to go from good to great.  And if it’s possible I can do it. And so can you.

All you need is a few things:  

  1. Discipline in thought and action.  
  2. Mentors and coaches to help guide you along the path.  
  3. And the magic ingredient: TIME.

Consistent application of force in the right direction is what drives us from good to great.  But what is the right direction?  

That’s where discipline in thought and action come into the equation.  You must know where you’re trying to go, think carefully about the options, and take action that moves you closer to your goals.  And you must do that day in and day out, with every decision that comes your way.

However, sometimes we can be blinded by our own ambition which is why we need coaches and mentors.  If you’ve found the right mentor, they’ve been where you are before and they know the way. They have a view from the outside and they can see the bigger picture, something you can’t do when you’re caught in the daily grind.  They’re like the emergency lighting on an airplane, gently illuminating the proper path forward.

There will be no magic moment for most of us.  No one big event we can point to and say ‘THAT changed everything’.  Greatness simply takes time (and a whole lot of effort). But it is possible, you are not stuck.  You don’t have to do drugs just because you’re from Brockton. 


  1. Do an honest evaluation about where you are in life.  Are you satisfied?
  2. If the answer is no, ask yourself what’s ONE thing you can change starting today?
  3. Email me at and tell me you’re ready to level up.  It’s too easy to stay stagnant if someone else isn’t there to hold you accountable.  Telling me makes it real.

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