Grow or Die: Why I chose to become a CrossFit Level 3 Trainer

It is our duty and responsibility to pursue constant growth as human beings. This not only benefits you, but the entire team around you. If you aren’t growing you’re dying. Be relentless in your pursuit for personal growth both for yourself and everyone around you.

That quote comes directly from the team culture document by which our staff are expected to operate.  As the owner of Loco I am no different from any of them in this regard. Constant pursuit of excellence and dedication to my craft is at the top of my list…just as it is theirs.  That’s why I decided to pursue my Level 3 CrossFit Certification.

The CFL3 (AKA CCFT) designation is for those coaches who are long time students of the methodology.  It’s a 4 hour examination that covers everything from Anatomy to Zurcher Squats. As a prerequisite you must earn your CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 designations, which are difficult in their own right, and you must have coached more than 750 hours in a group or 1 on 1 setting.

I only coach about 3-5 hours per week these days.  So why would I spend a $1000 and a year studying for an exam that really doesn’t matter for what I do day to day?  Simple, commitment to excellence and leadership from the front.

I’m committed to operating Loco with the best coaches in Charleston.  Coaches that truly care and are dedicated to positively changing the lives of their clients.  The best coaches don’t just come out of nowhere, someone taught them how to be great. That’s my job first and foremost these day, to be a great mentor.  The knowledge I gained in becoming a Level 3 coach (1 of only 2 in Charleston) allows me to do a better job of chasing excellence and leading our coaches to deliver the best experience possible to the LocoFam.


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