With so many new faces joining the LocoFam, we felt it would be a good time to review a few gym rules. Most of the rules may seem rudimentary; however, it’s important for every member to uphold them. We must start here in order to continue (and even improve) the culture and community we’ve created at Locomotion Fitness.

Watch Coach Jay briefly discuss our gym culture and rules here:

The General Gym Rules

  • Leave outside life at the door, and your ego along with it
  • The team comes first; the sooner you realize it’s not about you, the sooner you’ll see your own results go through the roof
  • Be positive; limit complaining, whining, or gossiping
  • Quitting is not an option; look to scaling in order to succeed
  • Leave no person behind
  • Cheer for others
  • Have fun and stay connected; limit phone usage and other distractions during your time at the gym
  • Ask for help; you don’t know everything, nor should you
  • Give back
  • Leave the space better than you found

The Future of Loco

Some say the fitness industry is broken. It’s all about looking good on Instagram, with an ‘I’m better than you because I’m bigger/skinnier/faster/stronger’ mentality.

We, at Locomotion Fitness, are on a mission to fix those problems; however, we’ll only succeed if we’re united as one. Only if our gym culture persists and the above rules are followed as we continue to grow. Only if we raise our voices and tell the rest of the fitness community that there IS another way.


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