How to Run (for the Zombie Apocalypse)

With gyms and other public accesses closed, running has become a great exercise option for many people. It’s something to do to stay active and to burn some calories. A way of getting outside to enjoy the weather and fresh air. Even a way to train for your protection in the nearing zombie apocalypse! All joking aside, how you run, whatever the reason may be, is important.

Running seems simple…in theory. It’s something we naturally learn within the first few years of our life. Yeah, for some of you, actual training may come in to play later on when you join your school’s track team. But for the rest, you’ll never think twice about it!

Luckily, our coaches have the skills and knowledge to help you improve your running technique, while keeping things simple. And the Pose Method of running is the perfect place to begin.

Watch Coach Jay discuss and demo the Pose Method of running:

The utilization of proper running mechanics, as shown in the Pose Method, can help you in a number of ways. Smoothing out how your body feels and moves from head to toe. Protecting the joints in your ankle, knee, and hip. Controlling, and even improving your endurance and pacing/speed. All things to become vitally important as you run from the zombie apocalypse!

Additional Resources

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