InBody Results Sheet Review: A tool to customize your Training and Nutrition Plan

Last week we posted about the importance of tracking your progress 📉 with an InBody Scanner.  After we have your data the next step is to go through an Inbody Results Sheet Review with a coach.

The next video in the series breaks down a results sheet, and goes over all the data you’ll receive as a member of Locomotion.



InBody Results Sheet Review




The Athlete Check-In Appointment


We perform 30 minute one on one ‘Athlete Check-In’ appointments with each of our members every 1-3 months. At the appointment we do an InBody Scan, goal setting (and review), adjust training and nutrition protocols, review attendance to hold you accountable, and talk about whatever else we need to ensure you continue to progress!



What if I want an InBody Scan and review but don’t want a membership?


You can purchase an InBody Scan and results breakdown for $40 here:


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