InBody Scan for Fitness

You’ve been busting your butt in the gym and eating healthy balanced meals.  You’re doing everything right and you’re feeling awesome, you even start to notice a difference in the mirror.  Then, after about 2 weeks you decide to step on the scale.  You take off your shoes, empty your pockets, and at the last minute decide to ditch your shirt too, you know, just in case it’s an unusually heavy fabric.  Time for the moment of truth and….’MY WEIGHT WENT UP?!?!’

Then you make your way through the 5 stages of grief.

Denial:  ‘The scale must be wrong!’
Anger:  ‘I KNEW this STUPID diet wasn’t going to work.’
Bargaining: ‘Maybe I’ll stop drinking water for 2 days and try again?’
Depression: ‘Who am I kidding, I knew I could never do this.’
Acceptance: ‘I guess this is just the way I’m supposed to be shaped’.

But what if the scale was lying, or at the very least giving you only part of the whole picture?  What if you really were getting amazing results and the scale simply sabotaged your progress?

Our body weight is made up of a few different components.  There’s skeletal muscle mass, water, dry lean mass, and body fat.  Going a layer deeper, different areas of our body will have varying amounts of each of these things.

What if we could see that your body weight did in fact go up 2 lbs, but you actually lost 10 lbs of fat and added 12 lbs of muscle?  All that hard work WAS paying off!  And now you’ve abandoned ship because the scale only gave you a fragment of the information you really need to track your progress.

That’s why at Locomotion we have our very own InBody Body Composition Analysis Scanner.  The scale doesn’t give you the full picture, it’s not what you weigh, it’s what that weight is comprised of that counts!

Locomotion Fitness Members

All of you need to be taking advantage of the InBody, you get a FREE scan quarterly just for being a member! This is an amazing tool to help you achieve your goals and track your progress.  You get an email from us via Zenplanner every 3 months with a link to book a ‘Happiness Appt’.  At that appointment we’ll scan you on the InBody to evaluate our progress and give you recommendations to help keep you on track.  Be sure to book your appointment next time you get one of those emails!  We’re going to start chasing you down if you don’t book one on your own, we need this data!

We also scan Locomotion members FOR FREE at the following times:

  • At Sign Up
  • At the 1 month mark
  • Nutrition Challenges (Start and Finish)
  • Nutrition Clients (Monthly)
  • Personal Training Clients (Monthly)
  • Happiness Appointments AKA Goal Setting Sessions (Quarterly)



Above is the InBody Result Sheet:

  • Muscle-Fat Analysis: How much muscle and fat do you have in your body.
  • Obesity Analysis: Learn your body fat percentage instead of using outdated metrics like BMI.
  • Segmental Lean Analysis: Build muscle in areas that are weak and stay balanced
  • Body Composition Analysis: Set specific goals like muscle gained and/or fat lost to track progress instead of weight.  Know for sure if weight loss was from a decrese in fat or muscle loss.
  • Use Basal Metabolic Rate (calories burned at rest in 24 hours) to craft personal diet plans.

Testing + Consultation

We get it, looking at these numbers and charts can be super confusing.

That’s why with every test, our team of experienced and educated coaches will sit down with you and EXPLAIN EVERYTHING.  Our team will show you exactly what it all means to you, what you need to change/adjust, and give you actionable advice right then and there on how to make it happen.

Not a member at Locomotion Fitness yet?

  • Book a free No-Sweat Intro Consultation so we can go over your goals and come up with a plan to help you have more energy, and gain more self confidence.
  • Not interested in training with us but want some actionable data for your training?  Book your InBody Scan here.  If you decide you want our help we’ll apply the cost of the scan to one of our fitness or nutrition programs!

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