Intensity trumps Volume

Intensity (How hard you train) is SOOOO much more important than volume (how much you train).

Everyone wants to do more. Do more lifting. Do extra squats. Follow some secret squirrel online program.

Just hit the workouts in the gym as HARD as humanly possible. Enjoy the community. Reap the benefits. All you need is an hour a day. I promise.  If you don’t believe me, watch this video about an athlete who placed 7th in the open and is going to Regionals simply by attending her gym’s group classes.

So many people have a hard time with this. People do a BUNCH of extra work, picking and choosing things they like from various online programs (P.S. That’s not how programs work, you have to do the training day in and out, you can’t just choose the parts you like). Then those same people don’t push deep into the ‘pain cave’ during their workouts because it hurts.

Don’t get it twisted, it hurts to go as hard as you can. But if you can push to that place you’re results will speak for themselves. No need to do more. Just get comfortable with being uncomfortable and hit it hard.


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