Introducing LFG – Locomotion Fitness Gymnastics

Why LFG?

It’s synonymous with what we represent.

It’s like GFY, but there’s only positive meanings…We want to get better with the least amount of stress…that’s called FUN!

In Extreme Ownership they use the mantra of BTF for ‘Big Tough Frogman’.

Things go wrong? BTF and get it done.

In our course we’re simply getting focused on our aim; which is learning to use this incredible beast of a vehicle we inhabit from the time we get up to the time we go to sleep.

It’s my set? LFG. Things are tough? LFG.

No hurry, no worry, just you and a task. You know what to do. LFG.

We’re going to hit the Foundations of the Push-up, Pull-up and Lower Body.

Simple. Not easy.

We’re going to ingrain great habits that impact posture.

Rule 1 is Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back. It’s important. If it wasn’t important it wouldn’t be Rule 1. So we’re going to get that d-o-w-n.

It’s really simple. Not easy.

We’re going to ingrain that with a LFG mentality.

It’s hard to justify not having 5:00 a day to floss your shoulders and set your pelvis.

Little Things Affect the Big Things

Never in a Hurry

Never Worried

Never Desperate

Never Stopping Short


Never in a hurry due to the exactitude of the connection of you and the movement. Your buddy’s got your back on the LFG crew and is there giving you external feedback while YOU focus on your unique internal feedback…every single repetition of every set.

Never worried because you’re no longer obsessed about the results. It’ll happen after the appropriate work is completed. You’re no longer worried about the unknowns because they’re literally getting experienced via the spotting techniques in LFG. You’re also immersed in every repetition…which is a skill. You learn, refine and enhance that twice a week in just an hour.

Never desperate because the consistent mechanics produce results…not wishful thinking. Wishful thinking causes desperation. Experience creates realism. LFG!

Never stopping short because you know you’d be cheating yourself. That’s the greatest travesty you can do in life: lie to yourself. Don’t do that. LFG will sacrifice PRIDE for discipline. You’re training your body AND mind. Stopping short causes all the negativity of hurry, worry and desperation. Don’t do that.

Consistent Mechanics reproduced overtime equals a better body with a better mind.

Simple. Not easy. Just like sweeping DAILY. Simple. Not easy.

In 6 weeks we’ll change. We’ll be different. We’ll be better. And we’re just focusing on doing things with intention…and earning those DOPE LFG T-shirts….Props to Molly for the DOPENESS!

Simple. Not easy. LFG!


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