Introducing “Strength TRAIN”: Our Brand New Strength-only Group Class

Here at Locomotion Fitness, we are beyond excited to announce the launch of a brand new strength-based Group class to be found permanently on the schedule alongside Bootcamp and CrossFit. We will be referring to our new class as “Strength TRAIN” (like the Locomotion train theme; see what we did there?).

Here is the quick and dirty:

WHAT: Strength TRAIN will incorporate a variety of strength-only work. Think along the lines of traditional barbell lifting (e.g. squats, presses, deadlifts), accessory and complementary pieces with bands/free weights/etc, sled pushes and pulls, odd object training, and occasionally some strength endurance components. Classes will be heavily varied in program, style, and intention each day.

WHEN: We are targeting kick-off for the first full week of April (starting 4/3) leveraging the following existing class times:

  • Mondays/Wednesdays 915AM
  • Tuesdays/Thursdays 630AM and 530PM

Strength TRAIN will replace the existing classes from these times to add some excitement following the Open and hopefully refresh attendance to them. As always, we will be monitoring for potential to add in other places on the schedule as well! 

Programmer Mike has offered a sample of one week’s worth of programming that can be found HERE

WHY: Strength-training is important for preventing injuries by helping us to develop and maintain lean muscle mass as we age. It prepares us for movement patterns and situations that we find ourselves in every day. Variance in strength-training is important as it exposes us to an array of functional tools, ensures that we avoid plateauing, and also helps sustain our motivation. And we can’t overlook the fact that strength training gets people FEELING and LOOKING better. Deep down, we all want to look good and be happy with ourselves! 

Not to mention, we KNOW there is interest in our community for more strength work! We’ve heard you loud and clear and want to act on what you guys would like to see. We are excited that so many of you want to expand your fitness regimen!

HOW: Our new Strength TRAIN class will be offered as a regular class-type, just like our other Group classes and as part of your monthly Group memberships. All levels will be welcome and exercises can be modified just like any other workout!

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to April, but consider this your first invitation to the upcoming Strength party we are launching soon! As always, any questions you may have can be directed to your Locomotion Service Line or in an email to

Looking forward to seeing you at the barbell soon!


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