January Jumpstart Partner Nutrition Challenge

Here’s everything you need to know about our upcoming January Jumpstart Partner Nutrition Challenge.
We’re going to take a month to teach you everything you need to know (and what you need to ignore) to improve your nutrition and achieve your body composition goals.
Then we’re going to take another month and give you specific ( 1 on 1) action steps and guidance to make sure you can implement these simple behavioral changes for the long term.

You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet

I don’t care how often or how hard you’re working out, YOU CAN NOT OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET and you will not hit your goals if you don’t get your nutrition squared away.
This is a partner challenge, meaning you’ll be partnered up with someone to do fun (and prize winning) mini challenges, swap prepped foods, and most importantly hold each other accountable.
All you need to do to sign up is click this link (http://bit.ly/locojumpstart) OR write you and your partner’s name down on the sign up sheet at either gym. If you can’t find a partner from your life outside Loco post in this group and see if anyone is interested.

Why is a Nutrition Challenge Valuable?

You go to a gym like Loco to workout because you feel like you need an expert. Maybe you weren’t sure on form for certain movements, or didn’t have a program to follow, or you needed someone to hold you accountable.
Nutrition is no different. Don’t think you can ‘figure it out’ on your own. You don’t roof your own house, you don’t change the transmission in your own car, and you damn sure shouldn’t guess with your most valuable asset…YOU!
What can we do at Loco that you can’t do at planet fitness? Hell, we don’t even have a tanning bed.
The thing is it’s not the equipment you need. It’s not even the knowledge our coaches have that’s truly valuable. You can find all that info and more on the internet.
What you need is someone to tell you what step to take next. Someone to sort through all the BS. Someone who knows your goals and gets you to take ACTION on achieving them.
That is what a coach does, and that is why our service is more valuable than a ‘normal gym’.
Sign up for this challenge. You won’t regret it and your summer body will thank me.
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