Jump Rope Considerations

Looking to take your jump rope skills the extra mile? We highly recommend buying your own rope! A jump rope is one of the most versatile, affordable, and personalized pieces of equipment you can buy and use to optimize your workouts.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing/buying a rope:

  • Sizing/length of rope: 

To find the size for you, step on the middle of the rope with one foot. The end of the extended handle should reach up to your armpits. When you buy a rope, size it this same way and clip off the unused length before you adjust the handles. 

  • Thickness of the cable:

The thinner the cable, the faster the rope. For beginners, a heavier/thicker rope is generally easiest to slow it down and learn/understand timing for flicking the wrists to match with your jumping pace. If the cable swings faster, it will be less forgiving for misses, but much more efficient in fast-paced workouts.  As you get more comfortable with jumping, consider a thinner rope to help you jump faster and longer. 

  • Type of handles:

Ropes with a ball bearing on the handles swing faster and smoother. The standard ropes we have at the gym have a bush bearing (they rotate), which makes them a bit slower but better for practice and agility. 

The more you practice, the easier the jumping will become. Buying your own rope opens up more possibilities for practice, especially when away from the gym. It gives you consistency when practicing and training, and is an all-around good investment in your fitness and development.  


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