Level Method Assessments 101

First, know that assessments are just another workout!!  Through Beta testing with the coaches we learned you need to be sure and choose a Level you are 100% confident you will hit. Remember the goal of this first round of assessments is simply to get you on the MAP and find a starting Level.  No need to feel stressed out or nervous.  You’ll be leveling up in no time anyway, so no worries where you start! Coaches will help you decide, but you need to set your ego aside.
A couple things you need to consider when choosing your assessment level:

When you see the MAP you’ll notice that certain Levels have double black lines separating them. Think of these as ‘gates’. You must be able to successfully complete that assessment before moving to a higher level. If you and your coach both know you can complete that assessment with 100% confidence you won’t have to show us.  But if we’re not positive you can make it we’ll have you perform that assessment so we know for sure!

There are a few safety rules in the Level Method (which correspond tho those gates):

  1. Kipping pull-ups should not be done before PURPLE 2
  2. No kipping handstand pushups should be done before a strict handstand push up is achieved which is in BROWN
  3. There are no 1 rep maxes until PURPLE for any category that culminates in single reps. The reason is the central nervous system needs to be developed to the point where a strong contraction makes sense and is safe.
  4. A common theme is that strict variations of movements must be demonstrated before kipping is allowed. The muscle-up is no exception.  Once a strict rep is achieved, then kipping is introduced which is BROWN II for males and BROWN III for females.
Some Logistics:
Assessments will be done in all regular CrossFit classes over the course of the month.  There are tons of opportunities to make up missed workouts, so no worries if you can’t make a certain day.  There are also alternate workouts to complete if you already completed the assessment scheduled for that day.  Every Saturday through assessments will be a ‘make up day’ and/or open gym.
We’ll be releasing the weeks assessment schedule prior to each week so you can plan your workouts to hit all 15 assessments. Here’s next weeks schedule:
  • Monday- Front Squat, Upper Body Pull, Lactic Tolerance
  • Tuesday- Rowing or Running
  • Wednesday- Deadlift, Upper Body Push, Upper/Lower endurance
  • Thursday- Aerobic Power Intervals
  • Friday- Weightlifting, Rings, Squat Endurance

For most tests you’ll have a partner so you guys can count for one another, share bars, etc.  When you’re not working out your job is to cheer on your partner and keep them focused on moving well.

Classes are going to be PACKED FULL, so be sure you’re on time, ideally showing up early to get stretched out and warm up a bit.

What to keep an eye out for next:

We’ll be releasing your coaches levels over the weekend (we Beta tested ALL of them so we’d know what it feels like 😉 so you can see how we did! I’m going to go live on Sunday to unveil the MAP, share our levels and go over a few things. I’ll post the recording in the members group.
What are your questions at this time?

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