Client Story | Patrick G.

Patrick is a (new) Dad, lawyer, and member of the LocoFam for the past year. Before he started with Loco he could feel himself starting to struggle to do the things he loved in his life. He set a goal to lose some weight, increase his energy, and make sure his health markers were solid so he’d be around for his son.  

Since getting started Patrick has lost 10% body fat and 20 pounds while gaining the energy to chase after his newborn baby boy. His health markers are also improving so he’s sure to be around for his great-grandkids.

Loco creates an atmosphere that feels caring and welcoming while also being sure to hold Patrick’s feet to the fire and provide him with the accountability he needs to succeed. Listen to the rest of Patrick’s journey with Locomotion to hear more about how the LocoFam is exactly what he needed to make a transformation in his life.

Like Patrick says, “Coming in is the hardest part”.  We PROMISE if you can get over that hump there will be a lot of smiling faces with open arms waiting on the other side.  Book your Discovery Call today! 


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