Members of the Month

Meet members of the month, Sean and Melissa Logue! The Logues have been part of our gym family for nearly a year now, and we wanted to recognize them for all the hard work, effort, and gains they’ve made in and out of the gym this year! Check it out and learn a bit more about this awesome duo! 

1.       How long have you been a member at Loco?  

a.       Sean – February 2021

b.       Melissa – February 2021 

2.       What is your favorite thing about being a Loco athlete?

a.       Sean – The atmosphere of the gym, during workouts every coach and member encourages you to do your best.

b.       Melissa – The community and gentle “pushes” to move out of your comfort zone.  

3.       What group fitness offerings do you typically participate in at Loco?

a.       Sean – The best group offerings are the Holiday WODs that are hosted by the gym. These workouts are when you get to work out with people that are on a different schedule and get to know new members.

b.       Melissa – We’ve tried just about everything, but mostly CrossFit and Boot Camp with some Spin for Melissa 

4.       Do you have a favorite? Discuss.  

a.       Sean – CrossFit, I think that is self-explanatory. 

b.       Melissa – I love Spin.  For me, it’s meditation with the bonus of burning calories.  

5.       How would you describe the community at Loco? 

a.       Both – Welcoming, fun, and supportive. 

6.       What advice do you have for someone who is intimidated by group fitness?  

a.       Sean – Put yourself out there, this is about you doing what you want for yourself.

b.       Melissa – You haven’t found the right group. 

7.       Favorite music to sweat to?  

a.       Sean – This depends on the day and the mood, but the playlist Kristen has been playing lately is pretty good

b.       Melissa – fast-paced classic rock.

8.       Least favorite music to sweat to? 

a.       Both – anything slow

9.       Favorite movement/workout? 

a.       Sean – Anything kettlebell related

b.       Melissa – Squats

10.   Least favorite movement/workout? 

a.       Sean – Wallballs, especially when the gym schedules them for a week straight.

b.       Melissa – Burpees/Planks (It’s a tie)

11.   Is there a member of the LocoFam that inspires and motivates you to be better? Feel free to give them a shoutout!  a.       Sean – 

b.       Melissa – Amber – she’s always positive and is a great role model and Emma – she’s my biggest cheerleader since the Open. 

12.   Favorite post-workout meal? 

a.       Sean – Wait we are supposed to eat after working out. Lately, it has been grilled chicken breast.

b.       Melissa – ????  I know Kayla I need to be better.

13.   What fitness-related goals do you have for the next year?  

a.       Sean – gain strength and some size for the next few months then shed the excess fat.

b.       Melissa – Feel more confident in my CrossFit moves and build up some strength (we’ve seen you getting stronger, Melissa – you’re kicking ass!!) 

14.   Describe your athletic abilities in five words or less. 

a.       Sean – Average

b.       Melissa – Slow and steady (think Tortoise). 

15.   Give us your background story – Try to be brief (you can talk about anything from ed): 
We moved to Charleston 4 years ago from Italy when Sean retired from the Navy. We’ve been married almost 23 years and love travel and outdoor activities (snow skiing, scuba diving, etc.).  We have three grown children and one very spoiled cat (don’t tell him though he thinks he’s a dog!).  We are really glad we found Loco and a sense of community we were missing since moving to Charleston. 

We’re really glad you found us too, Sean and Melissa. Keep doing what you’re doing day in and day out – you guys are doing great, and you’re a great example of what we love about our Loco community!


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