Client Story – Paul

Congratulations to our Double Trouble Member of the Month for October – Paul Q!

Paul is a busy professional in Park Circle (check out who still makes time to crush WODs on the regular. He is a motivator, a friend and a part-time comedian.  Just kidding, but he’s sure to get a laugh out of you – that’s just his style.  We’re fortunate to call him one of ours from the very beginning.  Check out his story below!

Q: What brought you to CrossFit?

A: Facebook, actually.  When Coach Jay was still in the beginning of starting up the gym, he posted in one of our neighborhood groups inviting anyone interested to come hit WODs with him in his backyard.  I took him up on his offer and that’s when I met him the first time.  Had I not met Jay personally, and talked to him about his philosophy of training, I don’t know for certain that I would have ended up here.

Q: What was your first impression of CrossFit?

A: My first impression was me being overwhelmed, it’s a lot – I felt intimidated by the whiteboard “equations” and the seemingly huge volumes of work.

Q:How has that changed?

A:Now I see how approachable CrossFit really is.  I’ve found that it is not as complicated or hard as it looks, and I understand how scale-able it is to everyone’s personal fitness levels.

Q: What is your favorite Locomotion Memory?

A: My favorite memory would have to be from an early morning that Jay was coaching.  He was demonstrating a high pull with tight, beginning of the day hamstrings so he did this exaggerated wiggle position and everyone else in the class did the exact same wiggle. It made me giggle.  I did not do the wiggle.

Q:What are you working on in the gym right now?

A: Pull-ups are a struggle for me.  It’s something I’m working to improve & the goal of being smaller and stronger, overall.

Thanks Paul!



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