Monday 11/11/2019


A. Single-Arm DB Press

Build to a heavy
3-5 reps (ea/s)

B.  Tiger Balm

50 sec on/10 sec transition
A) Strict HSPU to Abmat/s
B) L-Sit
C) Pistols
x 2

Rest 1 min

50 sec on/10 sec transition
A) Pushups
B) Abmat Situps
C) Air Squats
x 2

Level Consideration:  UB Push, Squat Endurance, N&C Endurance

Strategy and Briefing:

Smooth & consistent movement is essential in this Muscular Burn Workout.  Although there is a time constraint (50 sec) to accomplish reps,  do not rush.  Perform efficient & quality reps, to ensure that you can remain consistent through both rounds.  Break up the Strict HSPU & Pushups early & often. These movements can go from okay to failure in a moment,  so be conservative. All other movements can be done consistently through the 50 sec intervals. The 10 sec transitions will be just enough time to write down the score, and move to the next station. Keep this in mind while going through this workout.

Goal:  300+ Reps


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