Monday 11/4/2019


🚨Post 20.4 Loco Open Update🚨!
AM is starting to open up a little lead! PM you best knock out the bonus this week!
A.M. Crew Totals:
After 20.3 without bonuses: 99
Points for PR/New Movement: ??
Bonus Points for #Gymspo: 16
Points from attending 20.4: 15
Overall Total (without Week 5 bonus): 130
P.M. Crew Totals:
After 20.2 without bonuses: 78
Points for PR/New Movement: 4 (Donna, Bryan Sieler)
Bonus Points for #Gymspo: 14
Points from attending 20.4: 14
Overall Total (without #Inspo Bonus): 110



A.) Muscle Up Strength/Skill

Accumulate 4-6 Sets
1-3 Strict Ring Muscle-ups
1-3 Strict Pullups (Wtd)
3-5 Wtd Ring Dips (Wtd)

B.) “Vulcan”

15 Min AMRAP

6 Ring Pushups
9 Deadlifts 155/105
12 Air Squats
150m shuttle run

Level Consideration: Rings, API, Running

Strategy and Briefing: Consistency among round splits will bring success in this Breathe & Burn workout. Sets should remain unbroken as the reps are low enough — stay smooth throughout. Keep breathing in rhythm with movement, to support your pace. Taking a few deep breaths before starting each movement and continuously breathing throughout will help help keep pace steady — don’t get ahead of yourself. The burn part of this workout won’t set in for awhile (depending on your stamina capability). Hold the pace as the burning starts to build. Use the shuttle run to slightly recover before starting the next round.

Goal: 5+ Rounds


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