Monday 4/13/2020

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WOD 04/13/2020

Zoom WOD (Live at Noon and 6pm)


Today we have high-intensity intervals, with just two movements. Move through the rep scheme at a strong, consistent pace.

There are three intervals, separated by two minutes of rest. Score each interval separately, and try to get faster every time. Pace accordingly, and don’t do your burpees/bodybuilders at a bat-out-of-hell pace. Keep all reps unbroken from the start, with consistent breathing.

If two minutes feels like too much rest, you didn’t go fast enough. If it feels like too little rest, you went too fast. Adjust weight on the swings as needed so that they’re taxing but allow you to maintain perfect form. Go smooth & consistent on the burpees — if you’re jumping over your pack, stay low.


21-15-9 – Not for time:
•Shoulder Taps
•Bodyweight Good-mornings

After each set:
•10 Leg Swings ea/s/way
•30 sec Child’s Pose

WORKOUT (3 Rounds)

15 – 12 – 9
• Kettlebell/Backpack Swing
• Burpee-over-object
Rest 2:00

ACCESSORYLow Effort Aerobic Recovery

30+ minutes Hike/Walk/Play

Get the family and hike, walk, or play for 30+ minutes. You could go for an easy bike ride, or even play a Wii dancing game (or something like that). The goal here is to get the heart rate to 110 or so, where breathing and heart rate are just slightly elevated. This will pump highly oxygenated blood through the system, and accelerate recovery. For extra credit, turn off all notifications on your phone and enjoy being present.

Demo Videos

Shoulder Taps:
BW Good-mornings:
Leg Swings ea/s/way:
Childs Pose:
KBS w/ Backpack:


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