Monday 4/20/2020

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WOD 04/20/2020

Zoom WOD (Live at Noon and 6pm)


Today we are doing work for time, followed by work NOT for time (i.e. – Quality).

Your For Time workout is going to be over pretty quick. If you have a kettlebell or dumbbell, use it in place of the backpack. Keep sets unbroken and smooth if possible. Keep your breathing high, and don’t hold your breath.

Choose a load on the swings so the first set isn’t too tough, but enough that by round 4, you’re feeling some fatigue (in a good way). Perfect reps only!

Once you’ve rested to 15 minutes (you can start sooner if you feel good), move onto the Rows and Side Planks — take your time! Keep your scaps retracted for every rep on the rows. If you feel your scap engagement wavering, then take a second to reset before the next rep. Expect your side planks to get difficult quickly. If you are in the middle of a set and start to lose control of your position, take a short break, then finish the rest of the 30 seconds with full control.


Archbody Pulses
Plank on Elbows (in seconds)
Bodyweight Goodmornings
Calf Raises
*After each round, do 8 Cat/Cow


5 Rounds for Time:
•20 Backpack Swings
•25 Double-unders or 75 Single-unders

On 15 minute mark

3 Rounds for Quality:
•8 Bent Over Backpack Row (R)
•30 sec Side Plank (R)
•8 Bent Over Backpack Row (L)
•30 sec Side Plank (L)


In 10 minutes, accumulate sets of:
•3 Front-to-Back Scales (L)
•3 Front-to-Back Scales (R)

You might be thinking… man, this is boring… but don’t let yourself get sucked into the normal way of thinking. This is about virtuosity. And virtuosity is all about doing simple things exceptionally well. Keep your mind razor focused on the nuances.

Balance has many different factors, but the two that we want to focus on today are core and feet. Take each rep slow and steady, while gripping the ground with your feet and keeping your core engaged. For more challenge, close your eyes!

Again, this is all about doing simple things exceptionally well. So stay focused. Think of this practice as a physical meditation.

Demo Videos

Archbody Pulses:
Elbow Plank:
BW Goodmorning:
Calf Raises:
Backpack Swings:
Bent Over Backpack Row:
Side Plank:
Front to Back Scale:


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