Monday 4/6/2020

  • Tell your friends about our 21 Day ‘Tone from Home’ Challenge!  The ladies in the LocoFam will see the ad on FB and the Gram, if you haven’t already. This is our online coaching program for non-members (for the level of service you’re getting right now, it costs close to $400/month)!
  • Due to a security update within the Zoom app, all meetings now require a password. Luckily, we can embed the password into the link, so you can have one-click access without having to type in a password! THIS IS OUR NEW LINK:
  • A new week of the Resilience Challenge is upon us. Whether you’ve changed your goals or you’re continuing with the same ones from prior weeks, be sure you’re prepared to start things off on the right foot! If you’re not currently enrolled, click here for more details on how you can get started.
  • ‘Bingo’ starts this week. It’s going to be ridiculous and amazing- get ready!
  • Sadly, we aren’t going to be able to move forward with the Kids PE program, as we didn’t receive enough interest. Fortunately, we WILL still hold PE classes about once per week for members and friends! 🙂 Additional details coming soon.


Zoom WOD (Live at Noon & 6pm) – recording will be posted by mid-afternoon.


Today we have an interval workout. Every 2 minutes, you’ll do a set amount of work, then rest until the next 2-minute interval begins. Ground-to-overheads and shoulder taps should remain unbroken and smooth during every interval. As soon as you’re finished, move right into your core-hold position, and remember to keep your body as a single unit. It’s important to breathe, but to also keep the core tension high.

Substitute a different object for the backpack variations as needed (i.e.- sack of rice, sandbag). If you have a bar, use it. Choose a weight with which you can keep excellent form, but will remain tough throughout. Feel free to add or remove weight as needed during your rests.


Move through at an easy pace — get full range of motion, and do all movements slowly and deliberately.
10 Passthroughs, start wide and bring hands in every 2 reps
30-sec Arm Circles, start with small circles, and slowly go bigger
30-sec Hip Circles, same as above
30-sec Knee Circles, same as above
20 Glute Bridges, hold for a 1-sec contraction at the top
10 Deadbugs ea/s, do these slow, with COMPLETE control


Every 2 mins, complete:
•12 Ground-to-Overhead (Weight, Backpack, etc.)
•20 Shoulder Taps
•Bent Hollow Rock to 1:30
Rest for remaining time
Repeat 6-8 times


Single-Leg RDLs
3-4 sets at 8-12 reps ea/s
30-sec to 1:00 Rest b/t sides/sets

This is an opportunity to work coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength. Do these with complete focus, and move slowly. The set range and rep range depend on how you feel — do 4 sets if you feel strong. Keep your rest short if you want more ‘burn,’ and choose a longer rest if you want more ‘strength.’ Adjust weight as needed.

Use anything you can hold in your hand to add weight while performing these deadlifts. Waterjug, book, backpack, sandbag, etc.

Demo Videos

Arm Circle:
Hip Circle:
Knee Circle:
Glute Bridges:
Backpack Kbs:
Shoulder Taps:
Single-leg RDL:
Hollow rock:
Bent hollow hold:
Bent hollow rock:


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