Monday 5/11/2020

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WOD 05/11/2020

At-Home WOD (no Zoom offering)


Today we have 5 Sets For Quality and a little speed on the 400m Run.

Move steady on the wall walks with a pause once you reach a full handstand. Do a soft reset after every rep to keep quality high. Single-leg deadlifts require a lot of balance, so grip the ground with your toes and keep contact with your heel, big toe, and pinky toe at all times — keep your mind on it! Get to full lockout on each rep, and pause before switching legs and going into the next one.

Take your time between all movements.

Push your pace on the run because you’re able to rest to full recovery afterwards. Work on consistency with your running technique and breathing to match. Don’t sprint all out, but keep effort above 80%.

REST: Rest as needed to recover from the run, but don’t mill around for 5+ minutes. Get back to it!


3 Rounds of:
sec Arm Circles
•5 Back Scales ea/s
•10 PVC Pass-throughs
•5 Front Scales ea/s
•1:00 Run (30 sec out, 30 sec back)


5 Sets For Quality:
•2 Wall Walks
•10 Alternating Single-Leg Deadlifts @ 2020
•400m Run (90 secs – 2 min)
Rest as needed btw rounds

ACCESSORYGlute Bridges

Accumulate 4-6 Sets of:
•12-15 Glute Bridges
1:30 Rest after both sides

To get the most out of glute bridges, squeeze the glutes at the top of each rep. This gets maximum muscle activation and a nice deep burn. Continue the sets until 15, or until you cannot fully lockout and squeeze. Add weight only if you can make it to 12 reps with solid technique.

Demo Videos

Arm Circle:
Back Scale:
PVC Pass-throughs:
Front Scales:
Plank to Downward Dog:
Single-Leg Deadlifts:
Wall Walks:
Glute Bridges:


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