Monday 8/19/2019


All Mondays are FREE TRIAL BOOT CAMP DAYS!!! Are you interested in what Boot Camp is all about? Do you have friends or family that want to try a new class? Spread the word or come try it yourself! Monday class times are 5:30 am, 9:30 am and 6:00 pm. Please reserve classes on Zen Planner.

Monday’s Level Method Testing

A.) Flexibility

B.) Core and Coordination

C.) Kettlebells

This Week’s Assessment Schedule:

Remember if you already hit the assessment listed you have 2 options. You can re-test if you weren’t happy with your score OR we will have an alternate workout for you guys to do:
Tuesday– Front Squat, Upper Body Pull, Lactic Tolerance
Wednesday– Run or Row
Thursday– Deadlift, Upper Body Push, Upper/Lower Endurance
Friday– Aerobic Power Intervals
Saturday– Make Up/Open Gym

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