Monday 8/5/2019

Loco Announcement:

Congrats to the 2019 CrossFit Games Champions Matt Fraser and Tia Claire Toomey!!


A)  Barbara’s Little Sister

5 Rounds For Time (40m Cap):

15 Pullups

20 Pushups

40 Abmat Situps

50 Air Squats

3:00 Rest at the end of each round.

Strategy & Briefing

Barbara is a classic CrossFit workout. You will probably get sore! This workout is stamina “density” — if you do NOT get sore, you have an excellent stamina system. Resting between rounds allows for the Deep Burn in this workout that you may not experience in a classic stamina workout. Push the reps on each set, and push the pace. Breathing will definitely be hit, as the movement choices include regional movements like kipping pullups and airsquats — the situps will give your breathing a bit of a rest. Focus on high-quality reps, and go for the burn. On pullup sets & ring rows try for unbroken, so adjust accordingly. Do NOT do small sets on anything — push for big sets.

Workout Goal:  <35:00

Levels Consideration:  UB Pull, UB Push


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