MOTM: Brendan Giberson

How long have you been a member at Loco? *

August will mark 1 year.

What is your favorite thing about being a member at Loco? *

The mixture of camaraderie and competitiveness that the community represents.

What group fitness offerings do you typically participate in at Loco? Do you have a favorite? Discuss. *

As someone who enjoys competing not only with others but even more with myself, I love the physical and mental challenges with every CrossFit workout. I also enjoy doing yoga and getting to zen tf out.

How would you describe the community at Loco? *

A group of like minded individuals who are always looking to better themselves however that may be. Everyone is super welcoming and fun to be around. Jay and the other coaches do a great job instilling the values they represent.

What advice do you have for someone who is intimidated by group fitness? *

Just show up, you won’t regret a single second.

Favorite music to sweat to?

Anything that makes you want to move; dance/house music or hard rap.

Least favorite music to sweat to?

Coach Kristen’s music.. I mean .. what (we heard a rumor that she’s going to start playing opera for every class you’re in now as payback for this comment).

Favorite movement/workout?

Anything on the pull-up bar I’d say. It’s nice to feel progress, and this has to be one of the easiest way to see that (psst: one of the reasons you were nominated for Member of the Month was because of all your hard work trying to improve your toes-to-bar.. and you did it!).

Least favorite movement/workout?

The devils tricycle (the Assault Bike), yack.

Is there a member of the LocoFam that inspires and motivates you to be better? Feel free to give them a shout out!

Working out next to Olin, Justin or Josh always seems to provide an extra push for trying harder.

Favorite post-workout meal?

A nice fruit based protein shake does the trick.

What fitness-related goals do you have for 2021?

Improving my form on Olympic lifts (We know if that’s your goal, you’ll knock it out of the park!).

Describe your athletic abilities in five words or less.

Master of none (Lies! We think you’re a master at staying positive, working hard and being open to learning from your coaches!).


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