Movement Monday- The Hollow Body

Are you looking for THE ab exercise gymnasts use to get their insane 6-packs? The hollow is a fundamental position in gymnastics and is a GREAT addition to any ab routine.  It involves taking the spine into total flexion, a position where all of your abdominal muscles are contracted.  Then, we perform an isometric hold–  which is what your abs are designed to accomplish.

Everyone assumes situps are the holy grail to getting that 6-pack everybody craves.  in reality trunk flexion (doing a crunch or situp) isn’t actually the primary purpose of our core muscles.  Our abs are there to hold the torso in a rigid upright position which protects our spinal cord.  That means our abs respond best to exercises that reinforce holding that rigid position.  The hollow body is one of the BEST exercises to accomplish just that.

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