North Charleston Yoga: Build a Healthy Lifestyle

Here’s a secret in the North Charleston yoga community: Locomotion Fitness.

Just west of the Cooper River and south of Park Circle, Locomotion Fitness offers yoga in a facility dedicated to self-improvement and positivity. We’re a center for change, whether you want to become more flexible, relieve stress, reconnect with your body, grow stronger, calm your mind or increase focus.

A centuries-old discipline, yoga connects the physical to the mental and offers a path to liberation—also called “moksha.” In modern times, liberation means different things to different people. For some North Charleston yoga practitioners, it means a cell phone left in a locker while a busy person takes 60 minutes to calm his or her mind after a busy week. For others, liberation comes in the form of increased strength and flexibility, which create confidence and reduce pain.

In other parts of our facility, people are pursuing liberation in different ways. Some are using our CrossFit, HIIT and personal training programs to improve health and wellness through fitness. And others are addressing their nutrition to ensure they’re fueling their bodies properly.

Yoga is just another aspect of our commitment to helping people accomplish their goals, and we’re expanding our yoga program this spring to make it more accessible for everyone. We encourage you to try a class this week!

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An athletic woman in a sports bra and shorts practices a yoga pose popular in thee North Charleston yoga community.
Get bendy: Work on loosening tight joints and improving range of motion through yoga.

Restore, Rebuild, Relax

A 60-minute yoga class can be like hitting the reset button—especially for people who are focused on health and wellness. We know fitness takes effort and dedication. We also know it involves carefully programmed amounts of stress that cause the body to adapt and change. The people in our facility are driven to put in the work and reap the rewards, and many turn to yoga to balance that effort with restoration.

Our Hatha classes are led by Beth Cosi, who’s been teaching yoga full time since 2010. Beth is the teacher behind Bendy Brewski Yoga, which was featured in The New York Times in 2014. She’s certified in vinyasa flow, yin, senior yoga and prenatal yoga, as well as yoga as medicine. With that diverse skill set, Beth modifies each class for the participants in the room that day, much like our coaches do in our other programs.

The question before every class: “What do my students need today?”

Here are some of the benefits of a well-planned yoga class:

  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased muscle and bone strength.
  • Improved circulation and respiration.
  • Greater focus and mental clarity.
  • Reduced stress and pain levels.
  • New friends in the North Charleston yoga community.
  • More happiness and vitality.
  • Improved balance and coordination.
  • Better recovery from long work days, sport events or fitness training.
  • Increased focus on self-improvement and healthy lifestyle.

These are just a few of the many benefits of yoga. To see more, click here.

An athletic woman with a shoulder tattoo practices pigeon pose on a purple yoga mat.
Relax and recharge as part of a commitment to overall health and wellness at Locomotion Fitness.

North Charleston Yoga Prescription: Health and Happiness

We offer yoga because we believe it’s part of a healthy lifestyle. We know active living and solid nutrition are two keys to life, and we’re committed to providing every resource to our clients. Restorative yoga is a big part of that.

We’re thrilled when clients commit to fitness through our group or personal training programs, and we see dramatic positive changes when they eat better through our nutrition guidance. To balance out the work done in hard training, we encourage our clients to slow down and take some time to recharge and rebuild through yoga.

Our classes are a perfect option for anyone who currently trains with us, but they’re also well suited for anyone in the North Charleston area who’s currently looking to add yoga to his or her lifestyle.

More Classes!

Starting this spring, we’re expanding our yoga program to include sessions on Sundays at 8:45 a.m., Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. and a monthly happy-hour session early on select Friday evenings. In May, expect to see Hot Yoga classes added to our schedule twice a week at noon.

Unlike other yoga facilities, we offer customized transformation plans delivered in free 20-minute introductory consultations. In these sessions, a qualified coach will talk to you about your goals and answer your questions. At the end, he or she will give you a personalized plan to help you find success. That plan can include yoga, nutrition changes and fitness programs.

Do you want to know how yoga might help you reduce pain, improve strength or deal with work stress? Our coach can explain.

Do you want to know how yoga practice, fitness training and a healthy diet can change you mind and your body? We can tell you.

Have you ever wanted to start yoga but didn’t know how to do it? Our staff can answer all your questions.

To find out more about how yoga can enrich your life, book an appointment to talk to us today.

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