Nutrition Client- Mev McIntosh


We sat down and asked one of our custom nutrition members a few questions about her experience with the program. Mev is a busy working mom who wants to not only incorporate a healthy diet in her own life, but also to provide one for her family as well. Here’s a little insight to Mevs nutrition experience!


Q. What made you want to join a nutrition program?

A. After 3 months of Reboot, I knew I needed to focus on my goals in a more comprehensive way, so following a customized nutrition plan is a huge piece of meeting my overall health goals.

Q. What have you learned so far from the program?

A. Selecting better choices to fuel my body that help make the most of my Reboot workouts and most importantly, to help with stress management.

Q. Since focusing on your own nutrition, have you changed the way your family eats?

A. This is a work in progress. I try to prep sides so they have some options. I’ve decreased the amount of “snacky” foods I purchase. Snack selections in our household now focus more on carrots with hummus rather than a handful of cookies or chips. Currently, I’m using the plate method as suggested by Coach Jay so they have balanced meals of veggies, protein, and a healthier starch. My daughter helps to snap beans and make kale chips so having her involved in the prepping and cooking process is key. It’s the perfect buy-in when she knows she’s helped mama make meals!  I also prep her lunches for the week so she can pack her own lunch each day.

Q. What was the biggest take away from the program?

A. I’ve known this before, but now this fact truly resonates with me: you ARE what you eat! My biggest takeaway is making these habits part of a key routine for me and my family.

Q. Would you recommend this program to others and why?

A. Absolutely. The Healthy Steps Nutrition Plan has made me much more aware of what I am eating, how I am fueling my body, and the importance of monitoring my meal and snack portions.

Q. Have you accomplished your goals?

A. Almost! My biggest challenge is my belly. Ever since the birth of my daughter in 2011, it’s been tough to shake off the last of that baby weight but I’m considering the Barbell Betties class to help me focus more on strength training and hopefully blast the last of that belly fat!


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