Nutrition Coaching for People Tired of Dieting

Ditch the diets, rebuild your relationship to food, and get one-on-one nutrition coaching from the only Intuitive Eating Certified Registered Dietitian in Charleston.

Who Can we Help?

Achieving your goals depends on what you do inside AND outside of the gym. Most people don’t know where to start to get the nutrition they need. With all of the contradictory information on the internet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You can remove the guesswork by letting our Registered Dietitian develop a plan just for you. Work with us for any of the following:

How Nutrition Coaching at Locomotion Fitness is Different

Work with a Registered Dietitian certified in Intuitive Eating, not a nutrition coach.

We use a non-diet ‘Health at Every Size’ approach with no meal plans, logging food, or fad diets.

We’ll help redefine your relationship to food and what health means to you.

what you'll get:


We have trained professionals who will help you design and stick to a plan for long term success.


With access to a community of supportive individuals, you’ll have other health-minded people there to encourage you every step of the way.


You get a personal nutrition plan crafted around your preferences, goals, and nutritional needs based on science.

Noticable Results

Your coach will help to show you that you're progressing toward your goals whether that's a better relationship with food or progress towards your health goals.

We want to make our nutrition services accessible to more of you and understand that time & budget can be limiting factors to 1:1 Nutrition Coaching. We have created some new options that will give more of you a chance to work with Kayla. These include online programs and workbooks! Read below to learn more about these options

Performance Nutrition Workbook will help you create a daily fueling strategy that will have you feeling your best throughout the day and performing your best in your workouts.

Who Is It For? Anyone who leads an active lifestyle! You don’t need to be an elite athlete to learn how to properly fuel your body. 

What Is Included? Copy of the Athlete Workbook with handouts, quizzes, worksheets, and other tools that cover the following topics:

  • Estimating Nutrient Needs
  • Types of Nutrients
  • Performance Plates
  • Fueling Plan
  • Hydration Plan
  • Supplement Safety

5- Week Performance Nutrition Program is an online self-guided program based off of the Performance Nutrition Workbook! It is designed to help you create a daily fueling strategy that will have you feeling your best throughout the day and performing your best in your workouts. The program includes the performance nutrition workbook PLUS weekly modules from our Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Kayla

Who Is It For? Anyone who leads an active lifestyle! You don’t need to be an elite athlete to learn how to properly fuel your body. 

  • What Is Included? 
    • Downloadable PDF of the Performance Nutrition Workbook
    • Weekly modules with audio covering the following topics
      • Estimating Fuel Needs
      • Types of Fuel
      • Performance Plates
      • Fueling Plan
      • Hydration & Supplements


You’ll learn to fuel your body for whatever your day has in store whether you’re taking a rest day, hitting the gym, or heading out for your long run. It’s time to ditch dieting and fuel your body so that you can feel your best and perform your best.

Get ready for a 4 week journey where you will create a new habit each week and come out on the other side a healthier and happier version of YOU! Think of this as your Nutrition 101 course where we will lay the foundations for sustainable habits. Each week you will be provided with content and motivation that will help keep you on track to meet your goals each week.

Who Is It For? Anyone who needs to get back to basics with their nutrition habits!

What Is Included?
  • Daily content and resources curated by our Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
  • No fad diets/restrictions! 
  • Access to the Locomotion Nutrition Members Only Facebook Page
  • Accountability!
  • At the end of the program you will have 6 new habits that will lead to a healthier and happier version of YOU
  • Lifetime access to program materials

4 Week Becoming An Intuitive Eater Coursecoming soon!

Over the next 4 weeks we will guide you on your journey to becoming an Intuitive Eater. In this course, you will receive daily content that will help you learn more about Intuitive Eating and how you can implement the 10 principles into your life and find peace with your relationship with food. 
Who Is It For? Anyone that’s tired of dieting and stressing about food. Anyone who wants to stop feeling guilty for eating the foods you enjoy. Anyone wants food choices to feel easy!
What Is Included?
  • Daily support from our Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor 
  • Journaling prompts to help you consider how the principles of Intuitive Eating can fit into your life
  • Weekly videos
  • Rebuild trust in your body’s cues
  • No longer looking at foods as “good vs bad” 
  • Nourish your body with foods you enjoy
  • No longer letting thoughts of dieting, weight loss, etc.. take up your valuable time

Let our Dietitian plan meals that are delicious and help you meet your individual needs. Answer a few questions and we will craft a meal plan that takes into account EVERYTHING: activity level, goals, preferences, allergies, skill level, time commitment, how many days you want to eat leftovers (if any), number of people eating each meal and more.

Once your meal plan is generated you have the option to add all your meals/snacks to a grocery list which can then be exported into multiple online shopping platforms to save you time!

Kayla Fitzgerald

Hi! My name is Kayla Fitzgerald and in addition to being a Registered Dietitian, I am also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. At Locomotion Fitness, I work with clients from all over as we offer in
person, phone and HIPAA compliant telehealth options for your appointments.

I use a Health At Every Size (R) approach to counseling nutrition clients because healthy looks different to everyone and it is made up of more than just the number on the scale. We focus on cultivating behaviors that enhance physical and mental well being instead of following external food rules or fad diets.

I didn’t always practice this way though! When I first started working in nutrition counseling I used the “traditional” nutrition model where I had clients log food or follow meal plans I created in order to keep their caloric intake right where I thought it needed to be. Clients would initially see success but over time they were unable to maintain these lifestyle changes we were making. They became frustrated and I did too! I learned about Intuitive Eating and when I found out that it was evidenced based I knew I had to learn more. I spent months learning from the creators of Intuitive Eating and ultimately became a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. With this approach, I see clients thriving and finding happiness with their body and the foods they are eating.

I would love to have the opportunity to know you better and work together to incorporate long term nutrition and self- care habits into your life!




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