One Thing to Take OFF of Your Plate This Holiday Season

Have you found yourself saying, “I just can’t add one more thing to my plate right now” lately? This is a very common response when people talk about their health and wellness goals, especially around the holiday season, and a huge reason that so many goals are put off until after the New Year. We already have the normal holiday stresses of finances, family, and lack of time and daylight. This year, we can add the continuing worry of a pandemic as the icing on our 2020 cake.

Here is the one thing that to take OFF of your plate this holiday season in order to help you reach your health goals: the stress surrounding your food choices!

Food should never be something that causes you stress or anxiety. It is merely a lump of calories on a plate; some foods being more nutritious than others, and some being more delicious! There is a way that you can still enjoy all of your favorite seasonal treats and still work toward your goals (and no, this isn’t some gimmick or a FAD diet).

You can accomplish this through a habit-based approach to your nutrition. When you focus on your habits surrounding food, rather than only the foods you are eating or not eating, you are able to apply these habits to any situation you are in.

Some examples, you ask?

Holiday Parties Focus on eating when you are hungry, and stopping when you are full!

Stress Snacking → Learning appropriate stress management techniques!

Too Busy to Cook → Learning effective weekly planning/meal prepping to fit your schedule!

Looking for some healthy food choices to add to your plate this holiday season? There are some great recipes available at:

Working with a nutrition coach is about so much more than telling you what you should and shouldn’t be eating. It is about helping you discover and manage your behaviors surrounding food, and ways that you can start practicing simple habits, one at a time, in order to improve those behaviors.

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