How we Weight Loss

If you’ve tried to lose weight before I bet you’ve heard these suggestions:

“Just eat Less!”

“It’s not hard, you just need to eat EXACTLY these foods, in EXACTLY these amounts, so just start weighing, measuring, logging, and tracking every piece of food you put in your mouth!”

“All you have to do is hit some cardio for at least an hour every day and the weight will fall right off!”

I’m sure your friends and family had the best intentions but this stuff just doesn’t work for 90+% of people out there. Our bodies are all very different and what worked for someone else probably won’t be the same thing that works for you.

At Loco we take a 4 prong approach with our members who have a goal to lose weight. Each prong will look different for each individual and we’ll decide together what your specific plan looks like at your Discovery Call.

  1. Fitness- Given your body and history what types of exercise are going to serve you best?
  2. Nutrition- What is your underlying relationship with food, what beliefs do you have around food that aren’t serving you, and how can we start reprogramming your behavior to be more in line with your goals
  3. Mindset- Working on the underlying identity you have around your health and fitness.  If we don’t address the values and beliefs you have around your body you’ll never be able to change permanently and you’ll constantly ‘find’ the weight you lost.
  4. Relationships- Your coaches and the other members of the LocoFam are the key people who are going to help you through this transition.  As humans we are wired to thrive with community.

Our approach WORKS.  And we can prove it with tons of success stories.  If you’re ready to make a change that lasts in your life book a Discovery Call today!


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