Our New Boot Camp Class Might be Your New Favorite

I used to be consumed by my workouts and I spent hours in the gym, working on technique and honing my skills. Then, life got busy and I let myself slip. I couldn’t do hours in the gym, so I stopped completely. Then, I got embarrassed. I realized how far I was away from my old PR’s and I found myself unmotivated to start back up again, knowing how hard it is to start from the bottom.

I started thinking, what if there was a workout I could go to where I just worked hard and had fun? A workout where my old PR’s don’t matter because I’m just whipping battle ropes, hitting tires with a sledgehammer, and focusing on sweating and moving? A workout that will help me look good, feel good and not cause any stress over past numbers? I realized that we had the answer all along and the workout is called Boot Camp!

I’m excited to announce that we are starting a brand new Boot Camp class and I hope you will join me in June for the very first day! We will be adding more classes soon, and you can jump in any time.

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