Park Circle’s Baddest Boot Camp Coming Soon!

I received an email from a past member and they asked how to start over. They got in great shape and had a great routine, but then their parent got sick, hospital bills piled up, and they had to put themselves and their health on the back burner for a while. Now, they feel like they are so far from where they were that they are embarrassed to come back. I told them that I’ve felt the same way before and here’s what I shared with them:

Make an appointment with your workouts, just like you make doctors appointments.  You make appointments with your workouts until the appointments become habits and the habits become healthy addictions. You do things everyday you don’t want to do. Maybe you don’t enjoy your job, but you go because you have to. Maybe you have babies and you change their diapers in the middle of the night because you love them. At first, the workouts will be hard mentally and physically, but you know you need to do them for your health and for your sanity. So, make the appointments, show up, and know that it will get easier every day.

It’s okay to try something different. We started a new program at Locomotion Fitness which makes coming back a little easier. It’s called Bootcamp. We’ll have it 5 days a week soon and it’s going to be my new happy place. There’s no pressure of performance, I just show up and do what I can with a nice group of people. I know the workouts will be different every day and there are modifications as needed. Even though there’s no snatches or clean and jerks, I look forward to it because it includes a lot of fun exercises such as battle-ropes, sledgehammers, and sled pulls. The focus is looking good, feeling good, and having fun while doing it.

Have a backup plan. Make your appointment with your workouts, but have your back-up plan for when you get that flat tire or work runs long. Here’s mine: If I miss my workout, right before i shower at night I take 5 minutes and do as my rounds as possible of 5 squats, 5 V-Ups and 5 push-ups. It’s amazing how good (and how bad) 5 minutes of working out can feel.

Start with a single step. Your first step can be coming into Locomotion and talking to us.

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