Prescribed “Rx” vs. Scaled Workouts

Here at Loco, we use an app called SugarWOD to view our workouts and track our results over time.  When you log a result, you can choose two options- RX and Scaled.

RX means ‘as prescribed’, just like at a pharmacy.  This means you are doing the workout exactly as written- the weights, movements, reps, and time frame that you’re doing are 100% the same as what you see written in the workout. 

When you do strength work- 5×5 deadlifts, for example- and no specific weights are written, if you do the movement written you are doing RX and should record it that way! 

Scaled means you have made a modification to the workout.  If you change an overhead squat to a front squat for example, even if you are using the weight that is written you are doing a modified version of the workout.  If it says to use 95 pounds for a strict press but you only manage 2 rounds and then lower the weight to 80 pounds, you are scaling the program and should record it that way.  

When do you choose RX or Scaled? This depends on the intent of the workout.  

Let’s say you are doing “Fran”, 21/15/9 thrusters at 95/65# paired with pull-ups.  This workout should be a sprint- under 5 minutes.  If you can’t do this workout under 5 minutes, you should scale or modify it!

The best way to get better over time is to scale workouts to your own ability.  If we are hitting workouts with the intended stimulus, we will improve instead of just trying to fight our way through things that are too difficult, too heavy, or too much volume.  Scale the workout so you can perform as the program was intended and you’ll improve over time! Not sure what the intention of the workout is for the day? – Ask your coach!


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