Reboot Member- Mev McIntosh

Mev is a working mom but still finds time to devote a portion of her day to bettering her own health! Her consistency with the Reboot program has given her more than she was expecting. We are so fortunate to have members like Mev, and never take it for granted! We asked Mev a few questions about her experience so far and heres what she had to say!


Q. How long have you been doing Reboot?

A. I started Reboot in January 2018 when the class was first offered.

Q. What made you start?

A. For the past two years, I’ve had GI issues mostly related to stress. I realized I was not managing my stress effectively and my New Year’s Resolution for 2018 was to take better care of my mental and physical health.

Q. What was your first impression of Reboot?

A. My first impression of Reboot was very positive. First of all, seeing familiar faces (mamas in PC who I knew well before we had kids) put me at ease. But having a chance to meet new members was just as exciting since I love meeting new people. Our first trainer, Larysn, was always very chipper for it being so early in the morning! I started to follow her blog and realized just how invested she was in all of our successes. Christy has been equally supportive of us, often commenting on how impressed she is with us waking up so early and pushing through our WOD.

Q. Why do you like Reboot?

A. As a working mom, Reboot is my protected time to work towards my goals of doing better for myself. Too often, we neglect our own well-being while trying to take care of so many others.

Q. Did you exercise before Reboot? If so how is it different from what you use to do?

A. I fell off the exercise wagon for quite some time before starting Reboot. In the past, I’ve done a family workout program and trained for the Cooper River Bridge Run. In high school, I ran cross country and track. I always knew the importance of exercise but I kept making poor excuses as an working mom to not do it. To help motivate me to get back into a routine, I knew I needed a class to hold me accountable. Reboot meets all these needs for me.

Q. What have you gained from this program?

A. A pack of supportive women that I get to see three days a week, bright and early in the AM, all ready to tackle our WOD and cheer each other on during the most challenging moments of our workouts. I’ve also gained more confidence in my physical capabilities; I never thought I’d be able to drag a weighted sled or do a box jump without falling flat on my face. I can do both (and much more) now!

Q. What has kept you coming back?

A. The growing results I’m seeing both mentally and physically, the camaraderie among our Reboot group, and the accountability we have among each other. Noticing the positive changes in my energy levels and attitude are just a few reasons why I keep coming back.

Q. Would you recommend this program to others and why?

A. 100% yes! It’s only 30 minutes but is designed for everyone regardless of your ability levels. Christy and Jay help to modify exercises based on each member’s needs and every workout is different, keeping our WOD lively and appropriately challenging.

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