RED: Remember Everyone Deployed

RED, or Remember Everyone Deployed, is a series of 5 workouts. One WOD every Saturday from Memorial Day to Independence day.

We’re honoring our Servicemen and Servicewomen who are overseas RIGHT NOW defending our freedoms. They’re enduring A LOT of bull shit right now. Trust me, I know, I’ve been there. The least we can do is bust our ass in their honor.

CrossFit has what we call Hero WODs. These are workouts that honor someone from the Military, or occasionally first responders, who gave their lives so we can do what Americans do best. Live life to the fullest.

These workouts are tough. You’ll leave exhausted, not just physically, but mentally too. But that’s the point. What you’re enduring doesn’t even come close to touching what the families of these men and women have gone through.

So get in the gym and show your support. Do EVERYTHING in your power to let them know they’re not forgotten. Be a damn fine American.


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