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WELCOME to the Locomotion Fitness Resilience Challenge! It might seem strange to be doing a challenge like this, NOW… but, actually, it makes a lot of sense.  Let’s face it, you’re going to have extra time on your hands, we all will, and with that extra time we can focus on building some awesome habits. 

You’re not going to be going out as much, so the temptations are less when it comes to food and drink.  You’re going to be spending more time with the family, so what better way than to focus on the POSITIVE. 

But maybe the best part of this challenge is that it’s CUSTOMIZED to you (based on what you decide to focus on).  This Challenge is all about SIMPLICITY, SUSTAINABILITY, EFFECTIVENESS, and being HABIT FOCUSED.


I will be sharing with you the BEST OPTIONS in Supporting Immunity, Building Fitness, and Improving Mindset/Lower Stress.  The goal here is for you to spend the next 6 weeks working on developing a set of habits that LAST FOREVER — so you come out of this whole experience BETTER!  


There will be MORE information coming to you before our Webinar on Sunday March 22nd at 6PM!



If you can’t make it, no worries, there will be a recording. 

But our goal is to get the most important information to you BEFORE the webinar — so when we hop on the webinar it’s all review. 



We’ll be doing much of our communicating in these Facebook Groups:

Non-Locomotion Fitness Members

——> Stay Healthy Charleston <——

Locomotion Fitness Members (additional Resources) 

——> Locomotion Fitness Members <——


IF YOU DO NOT HAVE FACEBOOK — don’t worry, I’ll be sending emails out to keep you updated. Facebook is nice because it gives us a hub to collaborate — but it’s also a DISTRACTION MACHINE so I understand.  

Again — as Crazy as things are, this is huge opportunity to focus on the positive, and step up and be LEADERS. With that in mind, if you have any friends or family who want in, they can join for FREE! So get ready! And if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out. 


Chat soon, 

Coach Jay


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