Saturday 10/26/2019


Save the Date-Loco Women’s Day 2019

Loco Women’s Day 2019 is Saturday, November 16th from 11am-2pm. You don’t want to miss this awesome, inspiring, celebration of women! Learning, Laughing, Stretching, Shopping, Brunching, Bonding! Women’s Day at Locomotion will feature Local Girl Powered Vendors!  Classes will be designed specifically for ladies like us–Good times with Great Gals! Stay Tuned for a List of Participating Vendors, Swag Bag Spoilers and our Headlining Class Announcements! Finalizing vendors, presenters, treats, coaches, experts, and all things for all women. This will be a bad ass event, just like its attendants. Last year’s was amazing!!
I will post final schedule of events and ticket link in October so you can claim your spot in plenty of time! This event is open to the public, so friends and family are welcome.



Saturday WOD

A.) Strict Press

Building 3,3,3

Level Consideration: UB Push


B.) “Kuiper Belt”

15 min AMRAP

  1. 9 Pullups
  2. 12 Push Press 95/65
  3. 15 Back Squats
  4. 400m Run

Level Consideration: UB Pull, UB Push, Squat Endurance

Strategy and Briefing: This combination of movements is going to be stimulate the Breathing & Burning sensation we want in today’s workout. Keep Pullups unbroken & smooth. Take time before starting a set to ensure you can accomplish this.  On the Push Press, stop one rep short so the final rep can be used to bring the bar onto the back for the Squats. Back Squats should remain smooth & unbroken throughout. The 400m run should be consistent & allow muscles a bit of recovery before starting the next round.  Breathing should remain consistent with the movement, to support pace. Get into a rhythm with both movement & breathing. 




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