Saturday 11/2/2019


We are down to the last 2 weeks of the CrossFit Open!

Please come to our BIG in house finale event known as FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on Friday November 8th. At this event 90% of the gym will do 20.5. You don’t have to do the Open WOD at the event to attend, but I highly encourage it.

We make it a big to do, heat assignments, taped off lanes, lots of cheering, good music, good food, and good friends. You’ll be able to sign up for heats beginning the morning of Friday 11/8.

After working out everyone hangs out, eats delicious food, and drinks some beers (optional of course) with the LocoFam.

Bring a dish to pass and BYOB (I’ll have a few cases of beer on hand if that’s your cup of tea).

Bring friends and family (we usually have a gaggle of kids running around)!

Post questions to comments.

P.S. Normally we throw a big party each week for the 5 weeks of the Open. This time around we decided to only do it for the 5th week since CrossFit changed the schedule of the Open and we already had one in February this year!


Saturday WOD

A.) Pullups

Build to a Heavy 2


B.) “Fire Dancers”

5 Rounds in Partners w/a 20 min Cap

  1. 16 Strict Pullups
  2. 60 Air Squats
  3. 200m Run

Level Consideration: UB Pull, N&C Endurance, Squat Endurance

Strategy and Briefing: Controlling fatigue in this Muscular Burn Workout will be the key to not leaving your partner out to dry.  Break each of these movements into small sets, with minimal downtime between sets. Your partner should be starting the first rep as soon as you finish your last.  Move smooth & controlled through all reps — don’t rush it. Use the run to recover a bit, but do not walk — keep a steady pace. If muscle fatigue is setting in early,  break up the sets more. Expect fatigue to set in at round 4 regardless.


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