Saturday 4/11/2020

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WOD 04/10/2020

Zoom WOD (Live at 9am)


Today we have sets for QUALITY– including Glute Bridges, Rows, and Straddle Pulses. These movements are all about activation and engaging the right muscles, the right way. Stay focused, and move smoothly and consistently, taking rest between movements as need in order to keep the quality very high.

A pause (1 sec) at the top of your reps will go a long way. Add weight to the glute bridges to get some extra glute work in! Use something that can settle well on your hips — backpack, sandbag, or small duffel bag/luggage, etc. For the Row, squeeze your scaps/back together at the top to maximize the movement.

The Straddle Pulses will be new for most, and awkward for almost everyone. Focus on lower ab activation as you slightly raise your feet off the ground. Pressing your hands into the ground (hard) also helps.


3 high quality sets:
12 Glute Bridge Marches
10 Prisoner Rotations
10 Static Lat Activations
20 sec Front Leaning Rest

For Lat Activations, use a band if you have it. Otherwise, have a partner provide resistance, or do a static contraction against an object.


6-8 Sets:
15 Glute Bridges
12 Inverted Rows
10 Seated Leg Lifts/Straddle Pulses

ACCESSORYBalance/Handstand Practice

Perfect, conscious practice makes perfect. Focus on building body awareness, particularly in the hips, as you kick up into the handstand. Wherever your hips go, your body will follow. Squeeze your glutes so your core stays in the right position- over your shoulders so you remain stable. Feel your hands and your fingers as they push into the ground the same way as your toes do while standing. Keeping the shoulders actively pushing against the ground will also help to keep you balanced.

The goal here is to work BALANCE, so don’t fatigue yourself by trying to get as much time as possible accumulated… think QUALITY. Feel the positions out, and get comfortable.

10 minutes of:
Freestanding HS practice (forearms supported)
Handstand against wall
Piked HS Hold

Demo Videos

Glute Bridge March:
Prisoner Rotations:
Front Leaning Rest:
Glute Bridges:
Inverted Rows:
Straddle Pulses:
Seated Leg Lifts:
Supine Knee Raises:
Freestanding HS:
Wall Handstand:
Piked HS Hold:


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