Saturday 4/25/2020

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WOD 04/25/2020

At-Home WOD (no Zoom offering)


Bodybuilding day! You might be wondering- why bodybuilding? There are good things to take from all disciplines, and bodybuilding is much more quality focused than quantity focused. Bodybuilders think more about the contractions, and less about the power output. They also systematically build the support structures of the muscles, based on load and time under tension. For us, we can take all these concepts into consideration and improve both our training and results.

The focus today is on movement quality & shooting for a deep BURN. Don’t obsess about the load used or the reps achieved, just maintain perfect, controlled tempo.

Use a weight for the Squats and Single-leg Glute Bridges where you can hold the tempo without breaking. Shoot for the higher rep range at the beginning, and stop if you fall below the lowest number. Don’t fight through a movement with bad form in order to complete another set.

Tuck-ups may be a difficult movement to hold the tempo. If you break here, that’s fine — but get right back into it.


10-20 Slow Cossack Squats ea/s, or 20-30 Airsquats
20-30 Deadbugs
20-30 Bird Dogs
30-40 Bodybuilders


1.) Goblet Squat
10-15 reps @2020 w/ 90 sec rest
3-5 sets

2.) Tuck-ups
5-10 reps @2020 w/ 90 sec rest
3-5 sets

3.) Single-Leg Glute Bridge
10-15 reps ea/s @2020 w/ 90 sec rest
3-5 sets

ACCESSORYJump Rope Skill Work

9 min EMOM (40 sec on/20 sec off)
Alternate between:
Side-to-Side Single-unders
B) Forward Straddle Single-unders
C) Double-unders

Consistent practice is the only way to master double-unders. They require and train rhythm and coordination. There’s a strong neurological component. It’s not about the double-under itself, but what the double-under does.

Stay focused on each of these jump rope variations — they hone body-awareness. It may not feel like these transfer to double-unders, but they do! The toughest part is not getting frustrated. If you break, stay calm and take a few deep breaths before jumping back in.

PRO TIP: Limit extra body movement, especially in the arms. Whatever you do with your arms will be accentuated in the rope.

Demo Videos

Cossack Squats:
Bird Dogs:
Goblet Squat:
Glute Brigdes:
Single-Leg Glute Bridge:


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