Saturday 4/4/2020

  • Tell your friends about our 21 Day ‘Tone from Home’ Challenge!  The ladies in the LocoFam will see the ad on FB and the Gram if you haven’t already.  This is our online coaching program for non-members (for the level of service you’re getting right now it costs clost to $400/month)!
  • Cooking With Christy is at 5PM (4.3.20)
  • Be sure to log you Resilience Challenge scores for the week!
  • ‘Bingo’ starts next week.  It’s going to be ridiculous and amazing.  Get ready.
  • Sadly, we aren’t going to be able to move forward with the Kids PE program, as we didn’t receive enough interest. Fortunately, we WILL still hold PE classes about once per week for members and friends! 🙂 Additional details coming soon.


Zoom WOD (Live at 9am) – recording will be posted in the afternoon.


Today we have a complete for time workout. View each portion is its own separate “workout.” Quickly transition between movements- so once you finish the pushups, move directly to the squats; when squats are done, move directly to the second set of pushups. Attack each set of pushups like it’s the only set you have to do. Fatigue will be high on this, as it’s meant to be- but smaller sets with quick rest usually yield the best results. If you are confident in your pushup game, hit some bigger sets at the start.

For the Squat Tabata, you want to stay consistent through all 8 rounds. Choose a weight that you can move steady for all 20 sec. Don’t rush. Go smooth, and aim to hit the same number or reps for every set. Use a backpack or anything that you can put in your Front Rack for the squats. If you have a kettlebell or dumbbell, use a Goblet Squat form.


2 Rounds
8 Air Squats (w/ a 1-second hold in the bottom)
5 Inch Worms (take your time here, stretch the hamstrings and calves)

2 Rounds
8 Box Pushups (adjust the height so you can really activate the chest and triceps)
5 Cossack Squats ea/s (go SLOW on this, feel out the position)


40 Pushups on chair/table
Tabata Front Squats
40 Pushups on chair/table


Handstand Pushup Strength
Today is all about HIGH QUALITY activation and strength using your own bodyweight. If you can’t get inverted, do single arm presses with something that makes it tough to do 3-4. You must keep your body TIGHT and as a single unit. If you’re advanced, try freestanding versions. If you’re just getting started with inversions, don’t be sloppy with the kick up. Really focus and stay concentrated.

Accumulate 4-8 Sets (Use Abmats or a target if needed)
1-8 Strict HSPU
1-8 Piked HS Pushups
1-8 Single Arm Press w/ Object (Kettlebell, Dumbbell, or anything that can be stabilized in one hand)

Demo Videos:

Air Squat:
Inch Worm:
Box Pushup:
Cossack Squats:
Front Squats:
Handstand Pushups:
Strict HSPU:
Piked HSPU:


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