Saturday 5/16/2020

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WOD 05/16/2020

At-Home WOD


Today we have 3 separate EMOMs (Every Minute On the Minute), with a 2:00 rest in between. Each EMOM is meant to challenge your muscular stamina.

The first will burn the legs — jumping squats. They’ll be awkward at first, so take your time at the beginning — get the rhythm down, then speed things up. Aim to keep these unbroken through all 6 sets, adjusting pace to make it happen.

The second EMOM will challenge your upper-body pushing endurance. This won’t burn as bad as the first, but there will be some serious fatigue (getting close to failure for many). Move consistently, with a solid lockout on each rep. The goal is to do the same amount of reps each minute, with tight technique throughout.

The last EMOM falls between the first two — you’ll feel the burn, but also fatigue. Again, consistent and smooth movement is the key here. Don’t rush through the bent hollow rocks just to get to the holds. Perform quality reps, then hold with the time remaining. No extra points for racing into the hold!


2 Rounds of:
Air Squats
•16 Walking Lunges
2 Rounds of:
•30 sec
Doorway Stretch ea/s
Box/Chair Push-ups

Accumulate 20 Deadbugs throughout the warmup


6 min EMOM of:
30 sec
Jumping Squats

Rest 2:00

6 min EMOM of:

Rest 2:00

6 min EMOM of:
Bent Hollow Rocks
Bent Hollow Hold up to the 30-sec mark


4 Rounds of:
3:00 Jog
2:00 Run (moderate pace)
1:00 Run (fast pace)
1:00 Walk

Your initial jog pace should be slow — something you could easily talk through. For your moderate pace, the talking should stop, and breathing should pick up a bit. The fast pace should be about 80% — heavy breathing and deliberate movement. Then finish with a walk, taking deep breaths to recover (probably not fully) before getting back into the next round.

Demo Videos

Air Squats:
Walking Lunges:
Doorway Stretch:
Box Push-ups:
Bent Hollow Hold:
Jumping Squats:
Bent Hollow Rocks:
Decline Push-ups:


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