Saturday 5/2/2020

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WOD 05/2/2020

At-Home WOD (no Zoom offering)


Today we have an accumulation of strict/piked handstand push-ups (HSPU) or overhead presses, with a walking lunge penalty.

HSPUs and overhead presses are very muscularly demanding, and they also require good mobility. Be cautious with your early sets to avoid fatiguing too early. Be mindful of your positioning — stay solid the whole time.

If you start to fail reps early, it will be a LONG way to the finish, so don’t go to failure. Take your time on the lunges to let your shoulder recover. Keep the core and glutes squeezed throughout your sets to stay stable, and so the pressing is more efficient.

Plan your breaks and move smooth on the walking lunges to allow your arms/shoulders to recover.


2 Rounds:
•30 sec
Arm Circles ea/s
•30 sec Elbow Circles ea/s
Air Squats
Box/Chair Push-ups (easy)


Piked HSPUs or Overhead Presses
Penalty for every break — 20 Walking Lunges

ACCESSORYUpper-Body Pulling

5-6 Sets of 8-10 reps Ring Rows (or Bedsheet Rows)
Rest 1:00 between sets

Homemade row with bedsheet:

With any bodybuilding work (8-15 reps), the focus should be on muscle activation. Move slow and controlled through the full range of motion, with a good squeeze at the top of each rep. Adjust your foot positioning to make it either more difficult (closer to the door/farther under rings) or easier (more underneath your body).

Demo Videos

Arms Circles:
Elbow Circles:
Air Squats:
Box Push-ups:
Overhead Press:
Walking Lunges:
Piked Handstand Push-Up:
Strict Handstand Push-Up:
Ring Rows:
Homemade Row with Bedsheet:


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