Saturday 5/9/2020

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WOD 05/9/2020

At-Home WOD (no Zoom offering)


Today it’s 3 rounds of front rack walking lunges, Russian twists, and double-unders — a lot of burning and a little breathing.

The best strategy here is to break up sets from the beginning. Doing an unbroken first round and a sloppy second/third round is not the standard you want to hold. Move smooth through the lunges until there’s some good leg fatigue, then break and rest before finishing the remaining reps. Approach the Russian twists the same way — 2 sets, with a small rest in between. On the final round, push it!

Double-unders should be done unbroken and quick in all rounds.

WEIGHT: Anything you can hold in a front rack position comfortably — backpack, luggage, duffle-bag, etc.


8 Minutes of:
Walking Lunges
10 Sit-ups
20 sec Calf Raises
30 sec Bottom Squat Hold


3 Rounds For Time:
Front Rack Walking Lunges
Russian Twists


Perform 3 Attempts:
•3-Cone Drill
•Shuttle Run
•4-Cone Box Drill

These drills will be familiar to anyone who played a field sport or who watches the NFL draft. They are used to training and testing their agility and quickness. Practice a few times before your “official” attempts to get the hang of it. Be careful if you are on wet grass — no slipping!!

Demo Videos

Walking Lunges:
Calf Raises:
Front Rack Walking Lunge:
Russian Twists:
3-cone Drill:
Shuttle Run:
4-cone Box Drill:


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